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Our Spring junior coaching courses begin soon. The Opti Open group has made a head start with the Nationals coming up 6th November.

Bookings now open:

Opti Confidence 1 Spring - starts Sun 11th Oct
Opti Confidence 2 Spring - starts Sun 11th Oct
Opti Green Spring - starts Tues 13th Oct
Opti Open - underway
Adventure 1 Spring - starts Sun 11th Oct
P Class Spring - starts Wed 14th Oct
Starling Spring - starts Thurs Oct 15th

You may notice that a few of the names of courses have changed in line with Waka Compass programme. C2 is the former LTR, Adventure 1 is the former Sunday morning Feva.
Opti C1 booking has an option to use a club boat - helpful for those straight out of a Learn to Sail course.

To do list:
  • Ensure that you have a website booking before your first session
  • Note all the dates on your own calendar
  • Register on Team App to follow coach updates

Team App

All junior class COACHING groups use Team App for group communication.
Download the app or use the web version. The Wakatere page is called WBC Coaching. Request to join.

* You must RSVP on the Team App EVENT page to the sessions you plan to attend as each week comes around.


Any questions, email Lydia Grasberger at

Any login password issues, email


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