Health & Safety


As a club member, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that any of your actions or inactions do not cause harm or injury to you or anyone else.

Personal flotation devices (PFDs) must be worn by everyone afloat. This includes coaches, sailors & parents in club patrol boats.

NO ONE under the age of 15 yrs may be in control of a Wakatere club patrol boat, this applies whether there is an adult present or not. The skipper must have completed a certified Rescue Patrol Boat course or be a 'Wakatere approved skipper'.

Sign on/off for the use of each club patrol boat by scanning the QR sticker on each boat. This is an important part of our Club's H&S procedure.

For the launching & recovery of club patrol boats - centre console and larger boats must use the public vehicle access ramp (south/east of the club). Smaller tiller steers may use the central beach ramp.

2023/24 Wakatere Safety Officer: Michael Shannon

Swimmers vs Boats 

Rule reminders:  

  • Swimmers have the right of way. Expect to see them and be especially alert if you are coming in or going out while also looking into the sun.

  • The speed of all vessels (dinghies, boards, patrol boats) must be no more than 5 knots when the vessel is:

  1. Within 50m of any person in the water

  2. Within 200m of the shore

  3. Within 50m of any other vessel - except when you are involved in a YNZ affiliated sport for training or racing.

Parents, please show your junior sailor what 5 knots is like by driving your car at 9kms.

Kill Cords

It is a mandatory requirement that anyone skippering a Wakatere Patrol Boat has a kill cord attached to themselves. 

H&S Docs

Local Water Hazards

First Aid

VHF Radios 

Safety depends on clear communication and Wakatere owns a number of waterproof VHF marine radios for comms on the water.  They are in frequent use on patrol boats for coaching & racing and report back to 'Waka Base' in the Race Office or for comms between coaches. This allows us to manage assistance to sailors if required.

After each use, radios must be rinsed under a tap (they're waterproof), dried off and put back in their correct charging position in the Race Office or Training Room. This will ensure they are ready for the next coaching group, club race or away regatta.

Wakatere’s VHF radios are a valuable asset to the club and its members. Please use under advice and with care.

Wakatere uses Channel 17

Tractor Conditions of Use 

Only persons given familiarisation training of the tractor are allowed to operate this equipment and they must be a club member. Formal training is organized by our Safety Officer.

The tractor may never use the central beach ramp. It must only operate on the public vehicle ramp.

A hi-vis vest must be worn. 

Incident/Accident Form

Procedures for Coaches / Volunteers

Beach Trailers

It is an Auckland Council by-law at Wakatere that - 


This is to provide full and safe use of the beach to the wider public.

Sailors, parents and supporters can all pitch in to help with this, even if it's not your own beach trailer, bring it up to the old road. 

Keep them clear of the cycleway.

Trailers, trolleys, it's all the same 

Car Parking

Patrol Boat Docs

Patrol Boat Conditions of Use 

Patrol Boat Safety Checklist 

QR Codes and Patrol Boats 

We love scanning codes at Wakatere!  

Sign on/off for the use of each club patrol boat by scanning the QR sticker on each boat. This is an important part of our Club's H&S procedure and applies to all race management, coaches, parents and supporters using club patrol boats.  

This is a mandatory requirement as part of our Maritime NZ Moss Exemption and our H&S policy.   


Report any damage or maintenance issues as soon as any problems arise. Write clearly on the whiteboard in the training room.  If left unreported, a small problem now could lead to a much larger one later on.  

Our Patrol Boat Maintenance rep is happy to take a quick call or text to go over any immediate concerns. Graeme Milne -  +64 21 244 5000 

Patrol Boat Safety Courses

Wakatere offers members and parents of junior club members, the opportunity to enrol in a certified Patrol Boat Safety Course so they are able to skipper a club boat as an 'approved driver'. No previous experience is required. 

This course is a legal requirement of our operating procedure and is fully subsidized by the club.  It is a 1 day course run by Auckland Sailing at Wakatere 8:30- 2.30pm and is open to all Club members (15+yrs) and parents of junior club members. Numbers are limited. 

*Next course expected Sept/Oct 2024. To be advised.

Register your interest in attending a Patrol Boat Safety Course at Wakatere 

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