Health & Safety

Covid-19 Alert

Wakatere BC Closed at L4 & L3

All operations are CLOSED at Wakatere Boating Club following the NZ Government announcement that we move to Covid-19 Alert Level 4 from 11.59 pm Tuesday 17 August 2021. They will remain closed until Auckland moves down to Covid-19 Alert Level 2. 

There will be no coaching, organised sailing activity or community classes at the club until further notice. Please respect the rules on self-isolation the Government has put in place and do not congregate at the club for any reason.

More information for 'water-based activities" here - Sport NZ Alert Level Info

Stay safe. Unite Against COVID-19

Water Restrictions

Auckland Council Stage 1 water restrictions remain in place for Auckland when connected to the metropolitan water supply network

See Watercare

Club hoses may be used under the following conditions only:

  1. Only use hoses with trigger nozzles (all club hoses will have these fitted)
  2. Priority is given to washing down any club patrol boats
  3. 30 seconds maximum time to wash any members' boats
  4. Allocate an adult to run the hose when washing kids boats to conserve water

To keep across how Auckland's water storage is faring, click the link:


As a club member, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that any of your actions or inactions do not cause harm or injury to you or anyone else.

Personal flotation devices (PFDs) must be worn by everyone afloat. This includes coaches, sailors & parents in club patrol boats.

NO ONE under the age of 15 yrs may be in control of a Wakatere club patrol boat, this applies whether there is an adult present or not. The skipper must have completed a certified Rescue Patrol Boat course or be a 'Wakatere approved skipper'.

Sign on/off for the use of each club patrol boat by scanning the QR sticker on each boat. This is an important part of our Club's H&S procedure.

For the launching & recovery of club patrol boats - centre console and larger boats must use the public vehicle access ramp (south/east of the club). Smaller tiller steers may use the central beach ramp.

20201/22 Wakatere Safety Officer: Michael Shannon

Tractor Conditions of Use

Only persons given familiarisation training of the tractor are allowed to operate this equipment and they must be a club member. Formal training is organized by our Safety Officer.

The tractor may never use the central beach ramp. It must only operate on the public vehicle ramp.


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