Waka Confidence

About Waka Confidence

Waka Confidence is Wakatere's beginner junior sailing programme for the 8-11yr age group. Sailed in Optimist dinghies, kids are given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of sailing while in a safe and social environment. 

Sailors are paired up initially, but as they progress, they become more independent and confident. 

This programme is designed to balance learning with fun & games while introducing kids and families to Wakatere and what we are all about.

Upcoming Courses (8-11yrs)


The first of our summer school holiday courses  is open for bookings. It is a 'block course' held over 4 consecutives days in the lead up to Christmas. 

  • DATE: 19th - 22nd Dec 2022
  • TIME: 9am - 1pm each day  
  • COST: $400 (*includes LTS Invitational Membership)
  • BOATS: Optimists provided  
  • COACHES: YNZ qualified   

Any questions about LTS, email head coach Lydia Grasberger 

Don't miss the LTS Information further below - what will my sailor need, parent help etc.    


Announcing LEARN TO SAIL JANUARY 2023! Get in early and take your pick of 4 courses on offer. Some run over 4 days, some run over 5 days. 

  1. Junior LTS Course #1 - Jan 3rd -6th, 9am-1pm (4 days)
  2. Junior LTS Course #2 - Jan 10th -13th, 9am-1pm (4 days) 
  3. Junior LTS Course #3 - Jan 16th-20th 9am-12pm (5 days)
  4. Junior LTS Course #4 - Jan 23rd-27th, 9am-12pm (5 days)
  • COST: $400 (*includes LTS Invitational Membership)
  • BOATS: Optimists provided  
  • COACHES: YNZ qualified   
  • COURSE: YNZ Certified Level 1

Any questions about LTS, email head coach Lydia Grasberger 

Learn to Sail Information

Who should sign up for this course?

To sail in Junior LTS, you must be:
-8yrs old at the start of the course
-able to swim 50 metres unaided wearing a PFD (personal floating device) and sailing gear

On the boats sailed:
-we give 8-11yrs as a general guide, but the weight range for an Optimist dinghy is about 30-55kgs

Parent help

Whilst we have all the instructors and student help we need on the water, we would appreciate parent help each day to bring the equipment up from the beach, hosing down and putting away. Thank you. 

What will my sailor need?

-Lifejacket (the club has some available to borrow)
-Polyprop top/rash vest top or similar (thermals)
-Light wind jacket or spray top (goes over the top to keep the wind out)
-Beach shoes or similar (please make sure they do not have a slippery bottom)
-Warm beanie
-Sun cap
-Change of clothes for after sailing including a jumper
-Water bottle
-Snacks or use the cafe next door


Yes you need to be a member to join a LTS course but... an Invitational LTS Membership is already included in the LTS fee.   

Then if you want to continue to the Confidence level after your LTS has finished, you will need to upgrade to a full membership. 

The LTS Invitational membership ($100) will be reallocated to the upgrade if upgrading in the same season. This means there will be a $100 discount on a normal full membership. 

The annual club season is 1 Sept - 31 Aug. Refer to Membership

Contact wakatere@gmail.com to have the upgrade sorted for you when the time is right. 

What are all the courses are in the Waka Compass Confidence Programme?

1. Junior Learn to Sail: An introduction to sailing for beginners run during school holidays or term time. Sailed in Optimists provided by the club, sailors will learn the basics of how the wind works, parts of the boat, and how to set up and control their boat while working as a team. This is a YNZ certified Level 1 course and a step up from NZ school Waterwise.

2. Confidence 1: Confidence 1 builds on skills learned in LTS, and teaches sailors more techniques and knowledge. Held on Tues or Wed or Sat for Term 1 2022, sailors and families are introduced to life at the club. Club Optis provided.

3. Confidence 2: Sailors learn how to get their boats going a bit faster, and are able to go sailing in more conditions. C2 is held on Sunday morning for Feb-April 2022. Use your own Opti or to book a Club Opti (places limited). 

Join us another time?

If now isn't the right time, leave your details with us and we'll let you know when the next course is open for bookings.  


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