The Team

Wakatere Boating club was founded in 1926 by an enthusiastic group of people with a passion for sailing. As of 2023, it continues to be run by a dedicated team who value the rich reward in participating in the sport of sailing and its connection to the community. They bring strong governance, experienced race management, health & safety guidance, sustainability focus and community connections. We are very fortunate.

Official Roles 2023/24


Julia Faire

Vice Commodore

David Craddock

Rear Commodore

Greg Salthouse


Martin Chirotarrab


Pip White

Club President

Judy Salthouse

Club Patron

Don Brooke

Health & Safety

Michael Shannon


Amanda Michel


Delayne Salthouse


Graeme Milne

Head Coach

Blythe Berry 

Boat Storage 

Emma Kandziora


Ian Darby


Julia Faire


Roy Dykes

General Committee

Responsible for governance, strategic plan, finance, health & safety, funding, membership, community liaison, venue hire, boat storage/allocation, and property maintenance.

2023-24 General Committee: Julia Faire, David Craddock, Greg Salthouse, Pip White, Kate Darby, Martin Chirotarrab, Graeme Milne, Derek Snow, Amanda Michel, Michael Shannon, Delayne Salthouse, Ian Darby, Emma Kandziora, Andrew Mackay. They meet on a monthly basis.

Sailing Committee

Responsible for the planning and management of all sailing events including; annual club sailing program, duty roster, regattas, sailing instructions, race recording, and results; processing documentation around on-water roles and responsibilities.

2023-24 Sailing Committee is chaired by Julia Faire, with a full representation of Class Reps. Class reps facilitate communication between the committee and members. They meet on a monthly basis.

Class Reps 2023/24

Optimist Open - Carey Gillies
Optimist Green - Mike Carryer
P Class - Simon Brown
RS Feva - Club Coach
Starling - Dan Bush
420 - Ross Hume
Windfoil - Gary Hill
Zephyr - Julia Faire  
Farr 3.7 - Derek Snow
Sunburst - Bruce Yarnton
OK Dinghy - Dean Coleman
A Class - Ed Crook
Womens Sailing -‚Äč Libby Jenkinson

Wakatere values

respect, heritage & pride, endeavour, safety & sustainablility, inclusiveness


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