Patrol Boats


Our fleet of Patrol Boats is a great asset to Wakatere and a very valuable one.

The boats take a significant amount of Club funds to maintain and fuel. Please treat them carefully.

Patrol boats are used for planned coaching (ie via website bookings) and club racing. Boats are allocated to duty roles by their specific boat name.

Outside of this, prior approval must be arranged with Gordon Sims who manages the club's patrol boat allocations or a Flag Officer. The use of Club resources must be managed and 'approved' skippers appointed. This is a H&S liability issue. NO OTHER CLUB MEMBER CAN GIVE THIS APPROVAL.

Club patrol boats are not available for personal use or private coaching.

Kill Cords

It is mandatory requirement that anyone skippering a Wakatere Patrol Boat has a kill cord attached to themselves. Please read these articles  

Patrol Boat Docs

Patrol Boat Conditions of Use 

Patrol Boat Safety Checklist 

QR Codes and Patrol Boats 

We love scanning codes at Wakatere!  

Sign on/off for the use of each club patrol boat by scanning the QR sticker on each boat. This is an important part of our Club's H&S procedure and applies to all race management, coaches, parents and supporters using club patrol boats.  

This is a mandatory requirement as part of our Maritime NZ Moss Exemption and our H&S policy.   


Report any damage or maintenance issues as soon as any problems arise. Write clearly on the whiteboard in the training room.  If left unreported, a small problem now could lead to a much larger one later on.  

Our Patrol Boat Maintenance rep is happy to take a quick call or text to go over any immediate concerns. Graeme Milne -  +64 21 244 5000 

Health & Safety

About the Duty Roster

Patrol Boat Duties are undertaken each week by club members (or parents of junior club members) as part of club roster. You can volunteer as a skipper or crew to support club racing and/or club regattas. 

On-the-water parent support is required for our junior coaching sessions. Come dressed to get wet!  

This is part of your commitment to club membership. 

Duty Roster Club Racing 

Duty Roster - Regattas


Wakatere offers members the opportunity to enrol in a one-day certified Patrol Boat Safety Course so they can skipper a club boat as an 'approved skipper' this season and the next. No previous experience is required. 

This course is a legal requirement of our operating procedure and is fully subsidized by the club. Open to all Club members (15+yrs) and parents of junior club members. Numbers are limited.

*Next course Sept/Oct  2024. To be advised.


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If you have prior patrol boat safety qualifications and are an experienced patrol boat skipper, get in touch with our club H&S officer. Please use the club contact form below


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