Junior Coaching for 2021

Welcome back!
Bookings are now open for 2021 Term 1 junior & youth coaching.

For those who have just completed a Junior Learn to Sail course, Confidence 1 (C1) is your next step. We have THREE options for C1 this term - Wednesday or Thursday or Saturday!

Opti C1 and C2 bookings have an option to use a club boat - helpful for those still looking to buy their own. There is an extra fee for this. First in, first served.

For those attending class regattas, optional clinic or regatta coaching will be added as required to their Term 1 booking page.

Bookings now open:

Opti Confidence 1 Term 1 WEDNESDAY. Starts 10th Feb (4pm-7pm)
Opti Confidence 1 Term 1 THURSDAY. Starts 11th Feb (4pm-7pm) *now FULL using a club boat
Opti Confidence 1 Term 1 SATURDAY. Starts 13th Feb (9am-12pm) *now FULL using a club boat
Opti Confidence 2 Term 1 SUNDAY. Starts 14th Feb (9am-12pm)
Opti Green Term 1 - TUESDAY. Starts 9th Feb (4pm-7pm)
Opti Open Term 1 - TUESDAY. Starts 9th Feb (4pm-7pm)
Adventure 1 Term 1 - SUNDAYS. Starts 14 Feb (9am-12pm) *now FULL using club Fevas
Starling Term 1 - THURSDAY. Starts Feb 11th (4:15pm-7:15pm)
Laser Radial Term 1 - THURSDAY, starts 4th Feb

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Any course questions, email Lydia Grasberger at wakatere.coaching@gmail.com
Any passwords or login issues email wakatere@gmail.com


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