Welcome to Closing Day at Wakatere

Sunday 5th May

Club members,

With plenty of action still happening on our waters, it’s hard to believe that the season is nearing the end with Wakatere Closing Day on Sunday 5th May 2024. However, we plan to go out with some Closing Day fun and a post-racing BBQ so pencil this date in.

Join us on Sunday 5th May and bring the whole family.  We have some fun parent-child racing, Season Points, and a club BBQ after sailing. It's been a huge season and we have lots to celebrate. 

Afternoon racing will be the final two Season Points for the 2023/24 season. 


  • 1130 Junior parent-child races  (details below)

  • 1230 briefing (SP 45,46) Closing Day races

  • 1330 first warning dinghy classes

  • 1400 first warning foiling classes

  • 1500-1530 club BBQ after sailing

Members only day 

Fun Parent-Child Races 

Parents, have you tried to get into an Opti lately? It's going to be so much fun for the kids to watch!

  • Sunday 5th May

  • Opti parent-child races

  • 11:30am briefing on the beach

  • Rigged and dressed to sail at briefing time

This is open to EVERY WAKATERE OPTI SAILOR and it would be great to see a whole bunch of you from the C1 & C2 groups as well as Opti Green and Open fleet. If you are a sailor without a sailing parent we can probably find one for you - speak to someone official looking at briefing.

Race Officer Carey Gillies 


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