Learn to Sail Registration

When registering for a LTS course:

You will be taken to our member management system.
Sign up, fill out the sailor's information, and then choose "LTS Invitational" for membership

Once you sign up, you can register for your preferred LTS course in the "Calendar" section. Membership sign up and course sign up are treated separately. 


  • LTS Invitational membership fee: $100
  • LTS Course fee: $300, or $350 for Junior Term Course 


If you have any questions about membership or sign up, please email wakatere@gmail.com

More info


LTS Invitational membership is for 1 person, you cannot add another member. Please start again for a second family member.

Existing members
If you have an existing membership and need to add a new family member, please contact wakatere@gmail.com to upgrade your membership. 

Membership after LTS

If you wish to continue to the next level after your LTS course has finished, you will need to upgrade to a full membership. The LTS Invitational membership fee of $100 already paid, will be reallocated to the upgrade if upgrading in the same season.


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