Wakatere Venue Hire Frequently Asked Questions

What is the venue hire fee and what does it include?

We have a table of pricing which varies depending on the use of the venue. (i.e. wedding, conference, etc.) and depending on the time of day and time of year. Contact our Venue Hire Manager.

Do I need a council event permit?

A permit is not required to use the club building. Wakatere owns the sailing club building and facilities. However, if you plan to use the area immediately beyond the club building (Narrow Neck Reserve) to erect any outdoor structure, sports or outdoor catering equipment you may need a Council event permit. It is your responsibility to see that this is completed.

Can I get married on the beach or on the grassy area outside the club?

Yes. One of the most common requests associated with an event at Wakatere is for permission to hold an outdoor wedding ceremony. It is your responsibility to check directly with Auckland Council for approval. Fort Takapuna is a 'Historic Reserve' and is managed by the Dept of Conservation. A special DOC application is required.

Do you have caterers?

At Wakatere you need to organise your own catering. We are happy to pass on recommendations.

Where can I/they prepare food? 

Yes we have a full kitchen. Refer to our Catering info in Venue Hire Info. Speak to our venue hire manager if you have any questions. Please note that caterers or outdoor suppliers MAY NOT prepare or cook food (BBQ) on any part of the club's wooden decks. 

Do I need a liquor licence?

Wakatere does not take bookings for events that require a licence. Our venue hire bookings are for private functions only and you will need to supply your own alcohol. A LICENCE IS NOT REQUIRED TO SERVE ALCOHOL TO GUESTS AT A PRIVATE FUNCTION. See additional note about Fundraisers below. 

Can I hold a fundraiser?

Sorry, Wakatere does not accept bookings for Fundraisers due to council licensing requirements. You cannot:

  • Sell alcohol

  • Accept an entry fee to your event

  • Collect donations during your event

What facilities do you offer?

See our Venue Hire Info page.

What does Wakatere supply?

We supply rectangular trestle tables and chairs for the hirer to use. All setup and pack down to be completed by the hirer. See our Venue Hire Info 

Before I book can I visit the venue and look around?
Absolutely, please email the Venue Hire Manager wakatere.hire@gmail.com to make an appointment.

Does my function need to end at midnight?
Yes. Music must finish by midnight and guests need to leave shortly after.

What am I responsible for at the end of the function?
The hall is to be left in good, tidy order with all chairs and tables stacked in the manner requested by Wakatere and all electrical equipment is turned off. The hall must be locked and alarmed after use.

What do I do with my rubbish?
Wakatere offers a rubbish removal service included in the hire fee.

  • Rubbish service: Care must be taken to manage all your rubbish during your event. Recycling, Compost, and Landfill must be separated correctly into bins. The cleaner will not do this for you and our rubbish contractor will not collect unsorted rubbish.

What will the cleaner do?
The cleaner will mop all the floors, vacuum the carpet, clean the kitchen, bar area, and bathrooms. The cleaner will dispose of carefully sorted general waste and recycling.

Can we pack up the day after the function or do we need to have everything cleared before we leave?
Sometimes this is possible if we do not have sailing or another function on the next day. During summer, the normal club sailing day is Sunday. Please discuss this with our venue hire coordinator. There may be an extra charge.

Where can I hang decorations?
There are existing hooks along most of the walls to hang decorations. Additional use of staples, nails, tacks, or tape IS FORBIDDEN. Make use of what is there. The hirer is not permitted to remove any wall fixtures or club memorabilia.

Where can people park?
Guests can park in the free public car park directly across the road from the sailing club. This is on Old Lake Rd with entry via Wairoa Rd or Seabreeze Ave.
Parking is not permitted on the Wakatere Boating Club grounds. Cars must not drive or park on any part of the reserve including the grassy area to the side of the clubhouse.

Is there a road in front of the club?
Yes and No. The original Old Lake Rd used to run in front of the club and was open to traffic prior to 1980. It is now permanently closed and part of the Narrow Neck Beach Reserve. We call it the 'old road'. Old Lake Rd traffic now runs behind the club.

What kind of music is allowed?
We allow any type of music (bands, DJ's, Juke Box, etc) inside the hall but the club is in a residential area so you need to be aware of noise restrictions. This is not the place to have very loud music.

Do you have the measurements of the hall?
Yes. A document detailing all the measurements can be found in this link - Floor Plan

Will sailing be happening at the club?
It depends on the day of the week. For Wakatere Boating Club's sailing activity please check with our Venue Hire Manager. If the sailing club is active during your hire, club members will not come into the building and will be respectful of your booking.

Sorry we don't take bookings for teenage or 21st parties

Need to get in touch? 

You can reach us via the contact form on our Venue Hire home page


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