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A Sailing Legacy

A Christmas gift and Club fundraiser - 

A detailed and thoroughly enjoyable read about one of NZ best loved designers - Des Townson - A Sailing Legacy, by Brian Peet.  An easy solution to Christmas gift buying for any sailor in the house. 

For every $80 book purchase, $30 will be go back to Wakatere Boating Club. This is a great deal for our club and postage is free! 

  • Purchase from author Brian Peet
  • 027 6223334
  • Don't forget to mention Wakatere Boating Club! 

More about the offer  

Roger McMillan, editor,

“This is a book that every Kiwi sailor should buy. It’s magnificently illustrated with photos and drawings of many of the designs and it chronicles the life of an interesting and significant contributor to the sport of sailing. Peet is an excellent storyteller. The book is well-written, with a good balance of anecdotes and technical detail.”


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