Duty Roster for Regattas

What you need to know

Wakatere needs need each club member aged 15 or over (or parent of each junior member <15yrs) to volunteer to assist with the REGATTAS that the club is running this season.

No one is exempt from duties. Parents will be rostered in lieu of their junior club members and be expected to complete one regatta duty on their behalf during one season. For anyone not volunteering, they will be allocated to a role.

The key regattas that Wakatere is hosting for the 2021-2022 season are:

  • NZ Windfoil National Champs 17th-20th Feb 2022
  • NZL Oceanbridge Sailing Regatta (17th - 20th Feb 2022)
  • NZ Sunburst Nationals (7th, 8th, 9th May 2022)

There is a separate register for the Opti & Starling AK Champs on the event page HERE

Register your preferred date & role -

Note that some roles require experience and that the coordinator for each regatta will confirm with you.


  • Volunteer Roster Coordinator
  • Principal Race Officer
  • Waka Skipper
  • Assistant PRO
  • Mark Layer 1 skipper
  • Mark Layer 1 crew
  • Mark Layer 2 skipper
  • Mark Layer 2 crew
  • Mark Layer 3 skipper
  • Mark Layer 3 crew
  • Finish boat skipper
  • Finish boat crew
  • Registration
  • Results (Sailwave)
  • Beach master/ VHF for Waka Base
  • Tractor Driver
  • Kitchen/bar assistance

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