Club Trailer

Wakatere Boating Club owns two trailers that can be used to transport Club member's boats to regattas. One is purpose built to carry 9 Optimists the other is for more general use and can carry Optimists, Starlings, OK Dinghies etc.

One is called THE DONN, the other is called 2 MIKES - both named after club volunteers at the time.
If you are willing to tow a trailer to a regatta on behalf of the Club, your Class Rep will be very pleased to hear from you at any time.

If you would like to sail in a regatta with other club members but cannot get your boat there, contact your Class Rep.


Use of the trailers is organised by Class Reps for specific regattas. A willing parent must volunteer to tow the trailer.

Sailors should contact the Class Rep to express an interest in reserving a spot. When spaces are confirmed, a time slot is advised for everyone to load their own boats. The parent driver/class rep will oversee the loading just before it leaves the club. Own boat ties/straps are required.


The Club trailers are stored at the Allen Hill soccer stadium on Lake Rd. A club master key is required to unlock them as they are chained together.

Please contact Property Manager Graeme Milne before accessing.
Active loading of boats is permitted in the compound however the club trailers cannot be stored inside the club compound, even for short periods.


1600 wide x 3600 long x approx. 1600 high (without boats)

The DONN takes 9 Optimists.

Both trailers are custom orders from Pinto Trailers

Recommend re-measuring with Optis on top for an Interislander ferry booking where dimensions are needed.


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