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Duty Roster for Sunday Club Racing

Membership & Duties

Membership requires a commitment to the volunteering from all club members each season. We have a healthy number of members to form a duty roster for club racing and regattas, so this shouldn't be an onerous task if everyone plays their part.

No-one is exempt from duties. Parents will be rostered in lieu of their junior club member and be expected to complete a duty on their behalf.

You must take ownership of your duty - if you cannot make your duty at short notice, you must contact your Coordinator for that date. 

Duty Roster (Apr-May 2022)

  • Saturday 2nd Apr: Optimist group - Club Champs Day 1
  • Sunday 3rd Apr: Optimist group - Club Champs Day 2
  • Sunday 10th Apr: Sunburst group - Autumn Sprints
  • Sunday 24th Apr: Social Sailing (coaches will run informal racing) 
  • Sunday 1st May: Starlings, Fevas, 3.7’s, A Class - SP 19,20 Closing Day

Updated 6 April 2022

Duty Roster (Jan-Mar 2022)

  • Sunday 16th Jan: Sunburst group - SP 7,8,9
  • Sunday 23rd Jan: 3.7, Starling, Feva, A Class group - SP 10,11,12
  • Sunday 13th Feb: coaches will run informal Social Club Racing
  • Sunday 27th Feb: OK Dinghy group - SP 13,14,15
  • Sunday 13th Mar: general request for volunteers - Masonic Teams Race
  • Sunday 20th Mar: Sunburst group - SP 16,17,18
  • Sunday 27th Mar: Windfoil group - Larchmont

Duty Positions

Duty Coordinator
Principal Race Officer
Assistant Race Officer
Waka skipper
Finish boat skipper
Finish boat crew/results
Tractor driver
Results (Sailwave)
Mark Layer 1 skipper
Mark Layer 1 crew
Mark Layer 2 skipper
Mark Layer 2 crew
Mark Layer 3 skipper
Mark Layer 3 crew
Beach master (incl VHF)
Club Bar assist 

Duty Roster Docs

- Arrive at 12.00 for boat & mark preparation
- Check the whiteboard for boat allocations
- Sign-on on the whiteboard
- Attend race briefing at 12.30

The basics

Club members will be divided into 6 groups for the 2020-21 Duty Roster.

Senior sailing members, one parent member for junior sailors and junior members (15yrs and over) have been allocated between the six duty groups.

A Club Coordinator will be in touch with you nearer each group date.  

Race results will not count for rostered groups on the date they are rostered. This allows the group to freely volunteer to help with the running of club racing.

Coordinators & groups

OP: Opti fleet - David Craddock

OK: OK fleet - Dean Coleman

SB: Sunburst fleet - Bruce Yarnton

ST: Starling fleet - Monique Pearce

WS: Windfoiling, 420 - Gary Hill

AC: Combination of fleets including A Class, 3.7, 29er, Laser, Feva - Ed Crook & Derek Snow

SR: Social Racing - Coaching team 

Now that you are clear about the Duty Roster for Sunday afternoon CLUB RACING, head to our REGATTA page for DUTY ROSTER FOR REGATTAS information


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