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Winter Green Fleet Racing

Great wind eventually found it's way onto the racecourse to provide exciting sailing on Saturday. Impressive starts, great boat-handling and very few capsizes proves that this winter coaching and racing has been a huge success. Rory was best on Saturday, with 4 wins from 6 races, followed by Aiden and Max. Tom was Sailor of the Day for posting very consistent scores. Things are tight at the top of the Overall Leaderboard, so there is a lot to play for on the last Saturday, which will be the 10th. Good luck to all the kids taking part in the Winter Champs at Murray's Bay...


Sailor first name Sailor surname Sail # Points Previous Points this week Points Overall
Rory McCutcheon 3999 158 48 206
Joseph Gibb-Pearson 3880 171 29 200
Anneke Simmonds 4042 169 30 199
Max Hayman 4300 156 37 193
Jonathon Weston 4384 170 170
Leo Pagani 4129 86 29 115
Aidan Nicholas 4256 67 41 108
Emily Jones 3866 96 96
Josh Lewis 4072 69 11 80
Sam Barnett 4095 68 10 78
Callum Sellwood 3400 50 50
Chris Diggle 4094 46 46
Tom Milne 3857 17 29 46
Harrison Hill 3807 39 39
Marco Tyler-Rodrigue 4367 35 35
Ben 4387 30 30
Marsanne Jordan 4368 16 16
Jonathon Wang 3715 9 5 14
Finn?? 4386 6 6
Aiden Oliver 3714 5 5
Olivia Koller 3607 5 5
Dan Finnemore 1565 1 1
Rock Steele 3650 1 1


Icebreaker Regatta Saturday 12/9 Lake Pupuke


It looks quite possible that we will have 10 Wakatere boats sailing at this event in the Green Fleet, so come along and be a part of it.

IMPORTANT: There will be no Green Fleet activities at the club this Saturday as everyone will be at the Lake.



Who should consider attending?:

Any sailors who have been in C1 or above could comfortably attend this regatta.



If you would like to take your boat to the regatta on one of the trailers, then book yourself onto it using the link to the left.


If you need a login, contact Peter Kempkers as shown on the page. If you are having problems, or that trailer is full, then we can run a second one or double up on other trailers which are going to the event. For details on this contact Graeme Milne on

IMPORTANT: The trailer leaves at 8am sharp on Sat morning, so load up Friday night in the club compound, or before 8am. Be sure to bring sufficient ties to tie your boat on. At the end of the day be sure YOU load YOUR boat back onto the trailer as soon as you finish your racing. This allows the drivers to return home without having to wait around if they wish.

Wakatere as a Group:

Get there early as it will be a busy day at the Lake. Aim to be there at 8:00 – 8:15am. The Park is off Sylvia Park Ave, off Kitchener Road. Hopefully the park grass areas will be open, so it will be possible to park on the grass.


It makes it easier if everyone works as a group, so aim to rig up beside the Lake where indicated, and look out for the other Wakatere Boats. Rigging near to the water makes it easier to assess the conditions of the day, and you are close to the boat launching areas.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation:

Fill out the entry form before turning up on the day. See

Read the notice of race before attending

Entries need to be in by 9am, which can be done on the morning at the Lake.

Roger Pagani will brief the Wakatere Green Fleet sailors at 9am, so look out for him at this time. His boys, Leo and George are number 4386 and 4129

There will be a race briefing at 9:15 – be sure to attend.

There will be two races in the morning, with the first start at 10:05am. There will be a break in the middle of the day and another two races in the afternoon.

Its important to know when the start gun is going to go, so wear a watch with a count down set for 4 minutes and make sure you understand what flags and sounds will be used to start the race.

Click here for an article on the start procedure

Be sure to get to Bed early on Friday night, eat a good breakfast, go to the toilet before hitting the water, and take a good lunch to eat during the break. Take heaps of warm clothes.

One parent will need to be present all day in case help is required for your child.

IMPORTANT: In Green fleet, its all about having FUN, what have you got to lose! Don’t forget the prizes!

However, for those who a "chomping at the bit", 5 tips for the day:


1. Start on Starboard if you want to get a clean start. Be near the line with one minute to go and aim to get across the start line on starboard tack.

2. Sail fast: watch those woollies and the luff of your sail to make sure you are going at full speed all the time.

3. Call Starboard if you are on Starboard to ensure other boats give way

4. Approach the windward mark on Starboard to ensure you have right of way.

5. Do a "Jenny Craig’s"at the bottom mark – in fat, out thin, and pull your mainsheet in fast to keep your speed up.

I am not there on Saturday, but Roger ( and Gary and Bob and loads of others ) will be there. Give me a yell during the week if there is anything you need, or contact Graeme Milne re trailers if the first club trailer fills up.

Cheers and Good sailing!



We regret to inform that the Wakatere SOS fund-raiser scheduled for this Saturday
August 29th has been cancelled due to slow ticket sales. Realising that people's
time is precious, we have endeavoured to advise of this cancellation as early as
possible. We deeply thank those that have purchased tickets and made donations. We
will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange refunds.

We still plan to go ahead with the fundraiser in the near future, taking into
account feedback by making a few changes - such as lowering the ticket prices.
Please keep an eye out for new dates & information, and talk to your friends about
getting a group together!

Many thanks

The Copeland, Somerville, Collinson, & Pepper families

Winter Fun Racing

Lovely weather (finally), and an open beach, greeted the sailors on Saturday for some fun (?) racing on the water. 10 sailors raced, after some coaching from Terry and his group. 5 races were run in a windward/leeward configuration to concentrate on downwind speed and kiting. Max was best on the day with 39 points. Jonathon moved into 2nd place overall with 37 points and Leo made his first start with 32 points. Aidan was Sailor of the Day. Sailing will continue weekly until the Club opens.


Sailor first name Sailor surname Sail # Points Previous Points this week Points Overall
Anneke Simmonds 4042 123 32 155
Jonathon Weston 4384 95 37 132
Joseph Gibb-Pearson 3880 104 25 129
Rory McCutcheon 3999 112 112
Max Hayman 4300 63 39 102
Sam Barnett 4095 63 63
Emily Jones 3866 63 63
Josh Lewis 4072 58 58
Aidan Nicholas 4256 30 27 57
Callum Sellwood 3400 50 50
Chris Diggle 4094 30 16 46
Leo Pagani 4129 34 34
Marco Tyler-Rodrigue 4367 33 33
Harrison Hill 3807 17 17
Marsanne Jordan 4368 3 8 11
Jonathon Wang 3715 9 9
Aiden Oliver 3714 5 5
Tom Milne 4256 5 5
Olivia Koller 3607 5 5
Dan Finnemore 1565 1 1




Winter Fun Race Group

We had 13 sailors on the start line on Sunday in lovely weather, and light winds... 3 Races were sailed under the guidance of Geoff Diggle, with a few sailors getting to grips with their new boats, and finding out how fast they go with fibreglass instead of wood. Rory was best on the day, with 22 points, followed by Aidan and Josh. Aidan was Sailor of the Day for his first race win. Results for the season so far...


Sailor first name Sailor surname Sail # Points Previous Points this week Points Overall
Anneke Simmonds 4042 115 8 123
Rory McCutcheon 3999 90 22 112
Joseph Gibb-Pearson 3880 95 9 104
Jonathon Weston 4384 80 15 95
Sam Barnett 4095 63 63
Max Hayman 4300 48 15 63
Emily Jones 3866 51 11 62
Josh Lewis 4072 42 16 58
Callum Sellwood 3400 50 50
Marco Tyler-Rodrigue 4367 33 33
Chris Diggle 4094 20 10 30
Aidan Nicholas 4256 13 17 30
Harrison Hill 3807 17 17
Jonathon Wang 3715 1 8 9
Aiden Oliver 3714 5 5
Tom Milne 4256 5 5
Olivia Koller 3607 4 1 5
Marsanne Jordan 4368 3 3
Dan Finnemore 1565 1 1


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