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Peter Blake Regatta Torbay 5 - 6 Dec 2009

Well done to all the Green Fleet sailors for putting up with some fairly average winds at the Sir Peter Blake Memorial Regatta last weekend. Conditions like that, and with the big tide on the 1st race on Saturday, really test your sailing ability.

It's very difficult to keep the boat moving forward, especially those people that are on the 2nd or 3rd row at the start. Did any of you kids notice the oxygen masks coming down from the boom just after the start when there was just no air!!!

As far as wind strength went, one would have to say it was a very fair regatta, catering for the little kids for 5 races and the bigger kids for the last 2. The good news is that everyone stayed out for all the races, and learnt so much by doing so.

Some numbers from Terry...

As far as I can see it’s the biggest green fleet regatta ever held in NZ with 91 boats – up from 45 at the same event last year.

Wakatere had 19 Green Fleet sailors, which made up 20% of the fleet, second only to Murrays Bay with 23. Last year Wakatere had 4 sailors at this event in Green Fleet.


3/4 of Green Express (not counting Jonathon the honorary member) were in the top 1/3 of the fleet.

Well done Max (ex Green) with a 42nd – into the first half of open fleet in first major regatta is an incredible result.

Some great results in some races:

Rory with 2 x 1sts and a 2nd, and the worst race being a 16th, showing that consistency wins regattas.

Jonathon with 2 x 5ths and only 1 race outside of 21st

Tom with 2 top three finishes

Leo winning race 4

Emily with 2 great races to finish

Seb with a great start to the regatta with an 18th and how about Harrison Hill leading at every mark, before finishing 4th in the last race, great way to finish the regatta.

The highlight for me was the top mark in the last race, watching Harrison, Rory and Harry leading the fleet and having a spectacular off-wind section in big winds, building seas, going fast in complete control... Fantastic...

Congratulations to all who took part, the sailing was great, the mood within the Wakatere camp was very upbeat with everyone supporting each other and hopefully enjoying the experience.

Well done to Rory for winning the regatta and keeping up the record of Wakatere winning every regatta this season (no pressure on you guys for this Saturday).

Thanks to all the parents who arranged supported and managed the whole weekend.

Some great photos here:

Full Results here:




North Islands – Napier

Joseph Gibb-Pearson was proud to be the only Green Fleet sailor to represent the Wakatere at the 3 day North Island Championships this year which attracted a fleet of 48 sailors. Multi day regattas are usually larger and more exciting – but take a lot more stamina and concentration – and support from parents.


Day 1: With 22-25 knot winds, only the Open Fleet sailed – and there was a constant stream of boats coming back off the water with broken rigs or exhausted sailors: only the brave survived. For many the Green Fleet it was off to the Spa Pools or ‘chillaxing’ with new made friends.


Day 2: 4 races back to back in 5-10 knot winds: easy. Terry’s fantastic coaching and great racing experience from the winter series races with Bob obviously paid off: Joseph notched up a 10th, 7th, and 15th. Unfortunately, he did not read the wind shift in the last race and went the wrong way, but still came 25th.


Day 3: 3 races in very light, and very shifty 0-8 knot winds. Again, a wind shift caught Joseph in the first race (a good topic for coaching maybe). The wind completely died in the second race – with sailors going backwards with the tide! 5th in the last race was a great way to finish. Joseph came 13 overall. Results:


All Green Fleet Express sailors would have done extremely well in this regatta. The Wakatere are lucky to have a high standard of sailors thanks to our dedicated coaches.


Destination Sailing – Orca, Ice-cream and Beach Cricket.

What more could we have asked for?

Ten adventurous Green Fleet Sailors arrived at Wakatere Saturday morning expecting a quite sail over to the beach just past Rangitoto Light house for lunch then return sail to the club.

After a briefing covering the destination, currents, shipping channel and the importance of staying reasonably close together the Optis were launched around 10:30.

With everyone sailing along nicely we stopped and waited as a group for a large barge and motor launch using the channel to cross in front of us before proceeding. As we approached Rangi light it soon became apparent that we were in for a treat (or a scare) as we caught up with a small pod of Orca. The Orca accompanied us playing in and out of the Opti’s for around 10mins until we had to leave them to it and turn into our beach. There were at least 6 Orca including at least one large black and white male well over 5 metres long. Needless to say even Adian refrained from any behaviour at this point that may have seen him in the water.

Jonathon “He came up right behind my boat and dived just before he touched my rudder”, “I think I might have touched one when I put my centreboard down, I hope I did not make him angry”.


We spent a couple of hours on the beach eating lunch, playing cricket, with a few of the boys going for a boogy board behind “Wave Nine’s” tender. Ice-creams magically produced from the big boats freezers were well received.


The sail back was a little more challenging in around 15 - 20 knots directly on the nose with four of the boys electing to be towed all or part of the way.


Everyone had a great time and certainly had a story to tell.

(More photos to be added soon)

Results Howick Regatta 7th November

Results Howick Regatta - Green Fleet – 7November

1st Max Hayman

2nd Sam Barnett

3rd Jonathon Weston

4th Aidan Nicholas

5th Harry Elworthy

6th Tom Milne

Howick put on a friendly and relaxed regatta. The weather was mixed, with variable, moderate winds.  The Green fleet course was quite far out, the same one used by their Open fleet colleagues.

Saturday saw a great turnout from Wakatere who dominated the Green fleet event with nine of the fleet and they finished with nine of the top ten places on the results board. 

Max Hayman had a great day winning three races.  Harry and Max had some great duals at the start and to the first mark.  Jonathon Weston, sometimes after a slow start, would work his way through the fleet to finish strongly.  Tom pushed all the way. Aidan Nicolas not only sailed strongly all day but took home the major spot prize of a digital camera.  Tom, Jonathon, Aidan and Joseph all sailed strongly at different times.  Sam won his first ever race, the third, in an exciting finish with Max. 


A close finish in race one (Max Hayman, Jonathon Weston)

Overall all the sailors showed off the progress they have made and the benefits of the coaching and support they have received; a great reflection on all those involved.  They also supported each other really well through out the day.


Everyone had a good time; the sailors all stuck it out, in what was a long day, and learned a lot in a variety of conditions (including having lunch on the water).  As Terry noted, it is all about time on the water; getting experience in different conditions.  Congratulations to all those who competed and thanks to all those in support.  Hope to see everyone for the next regatta,

Results Manly Regatta - Green Fleet

A fantastic turnout of Green Fleet sailors with 11 entries from Wakatere out of a fleet of 19 (all boys anyone know what has happened to girl power?).

Everyone had a good time and learned heaps in a variety of conditions.

Wakatere sailors dominated the results sheets with 9 sailors finishing up the regatta in the top 12. A Wakatere sailor won every race Jonathon 2, Max 2, William 1 (the really windy one well done William).

Full Results


Remember though that attending Green Fleet Regattas is more about the experience than it is about the results. Everyone’s sailing is improving race by race (some so much so that their days in Green Fleet may well be numbered).

Hard luck stories of the day:

  1. Joseph lead the first race off the start line and stayed in front to still be leading at the top mark on lap two – Unfortunately a (shall we say) small navigation error left the door open and Jonathon pounced for the win.
  2. William finished the first race in second to find that he was OCS at the start Whoops.
  3. Jonathon after winning race one and two and coming third in race 3 to top the score sheets at lunch time swamped his boat in race 4 and decided after bailing it out that he had had enough (well done young man your day will come).
  4. The entire fleet (except William and Max who were the only finishers) for trying their best to finish the last race in 20 plus knots. Well done boys those conditions were extreme for Green Fleet Optis.

Congratulations to everyone that competed – you have all earned next weekend off. See you all at club day on the 1st November.

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