2012 Stack Winter Champs Oct 6-7



Airi leading race 7














Henry leading race 3








Below 1: Robbie leading race 7 and Below 2: Kate wins race 5


The Stack Winter Champs at Murrays Bay is the first “must do” regatta of the season for any Opti sailors who are planning to hit the Auckland regatta circuit. It is renowned for some weather events, and this year was no exception, with a storm coming through on Saturday. Fortunately, MBSC called the day off early, so the sailors could make alternative plans for their day.

WBC had 18 sailors in the Open Opti fleet, which was ¼ of the whole fleet, and they had some real success over the weekend with Airi, Kate and Henry all winning races and Robbie McCutcheon leading a race.  Xanthe Copeland was the top finisher in 9th, with 6 WBC sailors in the top 20. Jono Nicholas and Jono Weston were 2nd and 3rd 12 year olds. It was great to see Jess Berry back on the water.

There has been some big jumps in results from last year for many of our Open Opti sailors, so it looks like it will be a fun season ahead, especially with the support of the Open group coach Charlie Baillie Strong. If you are new to the Opti, or Opti racing then make sure you try to get along to Opening day this weekend for an afternoon race, or join the fun at the next Opti regattas – it doesn’t matter how you go as long as you are making some friends and learning along the way.

Full results at http://www.murraysbay.org/uploads/1213%20season/winchamps/Course%20B.htm




2012 Auckland Opti Winter Sprint Series

The final day of the Auckland Opti Winter series was completed in perfect conditions at KYC on September 22. Up to 62 sailors competed in a series of 31 races.

Well done to Jono Weston who ended up 2nd behind James Wilson. Xanthe Copeland was 5th and Kate Stewart ended up 6th. A number of WBC sailors have learnt a great deal over winter by sailing in this series, which was run as a joint effort between Kohi, Murrays Bay and Wakatere. We hope it will run again next winter.

A range of prizes were given out on the final day by Yachting NZ CEO, David Abercrombie.

Full results are at  http://www.kyc.org.nz/admin/user_content/files/Optimist%20Winter%20Series%202012%20v7%20Final_4145.htm

More details are on the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/2012-Auckland-Winter-Sprint-Series/400153233352170


2012 Ice Breaker Regatta, Lake Pupuke


The 2012/2013 season has started! Yes, 80 boats and boards hit Lake Pupuke for the annual Ice Breaker regatta, run by MBSC. No ice was broken, the temperature and winds were moderate. 19 of the 80 boats across all of the fleets on the day were from WBC, so well done. Franceso Kayvouz showed the benefits of sailing during winter to come in 3rd in the Green fleet, whilst Kate Stewart (pictured) showed some of the experience gained from her recent trip to China and sailed a great day to come in 2nd behind James Wilson from MBSC who is setting himself up as the guy to beat this season. It was great to see Airi Kawana back on the water and comfortably in the top 10, and Jono Weston on his heels in 8th. Full results are at http://www.murraysbay.org/uploads/2013%20season/icebraker/Icebreaker%202012.pdf


Whilst some photos can be found at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.427447077290497.87258.193590124009528&type=3
( you don't need to be registered on facebook to see this gallery).

2012 Opti Nationals, New Plymouth, Easter

The 2012 Opti Nationals in New Plymouth was an outstanding success for the Wakatere sailors who attended.  We had a young group of 24 sailors – 19 sailing in Open fleet and 5 in the Green fleet, out of an Open fleet of 165 sailors (including 18 Overseas sailors) and a Green fleet of 46.

New Plymouth is an exposed sailing venue, so whatever the conditions, there is no hiding from them! We were fortunate enough to have almost all conditions from flat calm to 3m swells and 30 knots, which is ideal for chosing a National Champion.

The New Plymouth Yacht Club offered us wonderful hospitality, and WBC was well set up on the reserve next door to the club with a large rigging tent courtesy of Team New Zealand, as well as gear tents, Daily BBQ, Chilli Bin for end of day refreshments with room for the daily debriefs with coaches Charlie and Briar.

Wakatere had two Teams in the teams racing, as well as a composite Wakatere/Sandspit team. Teams racing is fun as you are racing as a group and it provides the sailors with a great opportunity to learn the racing rules and understanding of race strategy on a small, specifically designed course. This one-day event took place on Easter Friday in perfect, light conditions, which are ideal for teams racing.   Wakatere 1, with Airi Kawana, Kate Stewart, Aidan Nicholas, Jono Weston and James Grover-Grey placed third overall after some great battles with the other clubs during the day, whilst the Wakatere 2 team learnt a bunch from their day of Teams racing, ready for their next encounter. The Teams racing was won by the Murrays Bay 1 team.

During the main event we had a full range of conditions, which reflected in our sailors individual race results. It was great to see Wakatere take the top spots in the 12 year olds, with Jono Weston top, in 33rd overall , and James Grover Grey second in 45th overall.

Kate Stewart showed awesome grit to sail with her broken arm still in a cast, and whilst she led several races to the top mark, it turns out that bailing in strong winds with an arm in a cast is not easy, and that affected her final placing, but she still finished with an outstanding 40th overall.

Aidan Nicholas was the top finisher of the Wakatere group, in 30th overall, and Airi Kawana was close behind in 32nd.

Leonard Takahashi-Fry from Murrays Bay won the event, convincingly, for a second time, showing his experience and skills in all conditions.

This was the first year where the fleet was split into Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets in the last couple of days, which seemed to work really well; resulting in closer racing in each fleet, and a chance for sailors to shine in their group. It also made it easier for Gerald and his race management team to keep racing the Gold fleet whilst allowing the Bronze group to return to the beach when the conditions were adverse.

So it was great then to see Xanthe Copeland come second in the Silver fleet, and outstanding result given her size (small and light!).

A number of our other sailors recorded some great results and improvements from last years Nationals. It was impressive to see how well our sailors coped with the conditions, finishing races and making the most of the long days, which reflects the hours put in by them on the water over summer. Celia Willison was a great example, finishing all of the races, even whilst sea sick during several of them!

Across on the Green fleet course, Grierson Fox sailed really well to finish in 4th, whilst relative newcomer Finn Buckeridge came in 9th, with Charlotte Probert first girl in 13th. Again, all of these sailors finished all of the races, some of which were held in challenging conditions.

All in all, another great Nationals for the crew at WBC – thanks to the Coaches, Charlie and Briar, who did a sterling job to look after so many sailors, and helping them to improve and aspire to do better.  Thanks too to the Parents, particularly Peter Grey, who managed the logistics, as well as the trailer towers, boat drivers, refuellers, Opti launchers and retrievers, BBQ crew...many hands make light work.

A few highlights....the Seal Colony at the breakwater, the visiting Marlin, the Umpire boat that flipped on the course, the fast reaches in big waves, WBC Beach touch rugby, Briar’s sailor bribes, Charlies jokes,  The NPYC commodore’s  opening speech.

Congratulations to all the sailors, you have skiting rights that you attended “that” Opti Nats at New Plymouth with “the massive swells and strong winds” – hopefully you have learnt some new skills, made some new friends and cemented your passion for sailing in the future!

Full results and photos at http://www.npyc.org.nz/

Wakatere Sailors Dominate the Auckland Girls Champs March 24

Wakatere sailors dominated the Auckland Girls Regatta held 24 March at Kohimarama Yacht Club.  Sailing in a stiff North to North Easterly and sloppy sea, our “girl power” sailors showed very consistent performance from each individual and showed how comfortable they have all become with a range of conditions and venues.  Well done girls.

The first highlight of the regatta was the “gift bag” presented at registration – some sailors were seen to be delaying hitting the water while they flicked through the magazine included in the bag.

 Then came the sailing.  A very short start line tested the start approach of the 21 sailor fleet in the Opti open – 9 of these sailors were from Wakatere (showing the club’s dominance in this class).  The sailing was first class and great results were deserved with Charlotte Probert winning the Green Fleet and four top ten finishes in the Open Fleet – Xanthe 4th, Emiry Koya 6th, Greta 7th and Celia 8th.  This was the first regatta for Kate Stewart after breaking her arm in late February.  She put in a “never say die” performance in the first two races – even though her arm is still in a cast.  Unfortunately OCS on the first race but enjoyed a well deserved start to finish dominance in the second race.  Well done Kate and yes, it is hard to bail a boat with only one arm – the undoing of the last races.

The girls all very much appreciated having Briar along as their coach and as Briar pointed out the concept of a “girls only” regatta is how the future of sailing will look for the girls as they move out of Optis.  So saying this, Briar also added how dominant girls are in the Opti class and how the boys are useless (or words to this effect!!).

The close of the day had all the sailors receiving a spot prize.  This regatta is very special and holds the record and reputation of being the most rewarding (lots of spot prizes, registration gifts and a good event).  Well done Kohimarama for supporting this regatta – the resounding conclusion is the Wakatere Girls will be back in 2013.

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